• PT. Lasallefood Indonesia was established in 2002, it acquired the business from PT. Suba Indah.
  • Within 11 years PT. Lasallefood Indonesia has increased the business to about 8 folds, thanks to the sustainable development of its leading brands in retail market and food services sector.
  • PT. Lasallefood Indonesia has managed to establish Marjan as the leading brand in syrup market, especially in premium (100% sugar syrup) market. At the same time, Sunquick as a market leader in fruit concentrate category manages to maintain its leading position in the segment.
  • In 2003, PT. Lasallefood Indonesia started to produce and market Del Monte Tomato Ketchup and Chilli sauce in Indonesia. Again, PT. Lasallefood Indonesia has demonstrated its competency in marketing and distribution by increasing its volume five times within 4 years.
  • Despite of the presence of Multinational Company in mayonnaise and dressing business, PT. Lasallefood Indonesia manages to lead the market through Maestro brand.
  • In Food Service sector, PT. Lasallefood Indonesia serves most of the international food service industries in Indonesia with quality products, excellent service and constant support in new product development.
  • PT. Lasallefood Indonesia with its dynamic and professional management team is striving for excellence to serve its customers in Indonesia.