Quality Policy

  • As part of our philosophy of being consumer-oriented, Lasallefood makes every effort to respond quickly to comments and requests from our customers. We believe that it is highly important for us to forward customer input to relevant divisions quickly so it can be used to improve our products and services.
  • We welcome comments and suggestions from customers via telephone and/or email. We believe these opinions and comments are an important asset and a valuable source of new ideas.
  • We will continue to work to improve our products and services in order to provide increased customer satisfaction.

  • Procurement of safe ingredients and materials
    Safe ingredients and materials are a top priority in food safety and we thoroughly examine all ingredients and materials for the purposes of maintaining safety levels and complying with legal requirements. Therefore we completely check the documentation for all ingredients from our suppliers to ensure their safety and quality.
  • Examination and confirmation of allergens and food additives
    Lasallefood examines and confirms all allergens and food additives in accordance with regulations in each individual country. 

  • Complying with Laws and Regulations
    Lasallefood examines its product labeling and advertising to ensure that all content is accurate and compliant with internal standards and all laws and regulations. For example, all labeling referring to allergens in products is examined to ensure that it complies with the regulations in each individual country.
  • Guaranteeing Social Fairness
    Lasallefood verifies that product packaging and advertisements do not contain exaggerated or misleading information, and that all labeling and written information is fair and easy to understand.